HomePress theme was released a not long time ago, so this page is still being finalized. And will be updated every week.

Common License Questions

  • What should I do if Theme installation suddenly stops?

    This problem can sometimes occur. There is no definite answer, each time it depends on the client’s hosting. Along with the theme, we provide 6 months of free technical support, so in of such case you need to contact technical support at https://support.stylemixthemes.com/

    In the lower right corner you will see the chat icon, just click on it and write to the operator. Technical support is provided 24/7 and we respond instantly.

Common Pre-Sale Questions

  • Do you have a demo showing how to edit pages?

    Unfortunately, we do not have a test demo site to check the theme from the WordPress admin panel. We can only recommend that you take a look at the topic documentation -> https://support.stylemixthemes.com/manuals/homepress/

  • In which countries does your theme work?

    Our theme is not related to any country. You can use it anywhere.

  • What languages has your WordPress theme been translated into?

    Spanish, German, French, Italian, Dutch, Portuguese and Russian.

  • Where can I see demos of the HomePress theme?

    You can go to the main page https://homepress.co/ and choose there from the list of demos or go directly to the deployed demo http://homepress.stylemixthemes.com

    On http://homepress.stylemixthemes.com, point your mouse to home to see a list of all the demos available from our real estate WordPress themes.

  • Which maps besides Google Maps can I use?

    So far only google maps have been integrated into our theme.